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Nicki Antognini – #1 Boss

I’m driven, determined, and energetic — and I built this magazine from the ground up. This little nerdy chick created one hell of a boardsports magazine. My name is Nicki and I’m the mother of Reverse, which I created after I earned my Master in Digital Design Management in Manchester (flattest city ever!).
My first goal was to tell great stories about ripper riders: Mission accomplished!
I believe each athlete has a personal approach to the sports we love, and Reverse is the lucky witness that communicates them..
So wherever you are (mountains, lakes, streets) beware. Reverse may be right around the corner with our cameras!

Dries Meesschaert – Our social guy

Ever liked one of our Facebook or Instagram posts? Well then, you probably like what I do at Reverse. Since I joined the awesome Reverse team, I’ve been in charge of the maintenance and continuity of our social media channels.
I’m a Belgian guy with an intense love for boardsports. I basically grew up with a skateboard underneath my feet. Since we don’t have any mountains in the country of waffles, I started snowboarding in an indoor dome. This basically means you won’t see me blasting those big ass kickers, but rather slaying metal features through the park. Nowadays, I like to spend my winters in Switzerland, which is the place where I met Nicki and joined the Reverse team. During the summer you can find me in Spain, working in the beautiful Surf Resort Loredo.
Working for Reverse has been a blessing for me, since it allows me to do what I love and share it with the world. Stay stoked!

Gaia Giacomazzi – Coach Gucci

Basically I’m in charge of coming up with awesome ideas for our customers. I’m also working on a bachelor’s in Product Design at the Art & Design School at Lucerne.
When I’m not designing stuff or having a brainstorm session with Reverse, you can find me in Laax cruising and jibbing P60, or enjoying a glass of wine in my hometown of Zürich.
Cheers to Reverse!

Alessandro Pellanda – The retired right-hand

My days at Reverse made me feel like a kid on his first visit to an amusement park. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but even the stressful days were exciting.
Who am I? Imagine an average university student with a boundless love for snowboarding and you’ve got me.
What was my main goal? Putting what I’ve seen during a year of madness into words.

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