Us, in sexy Bali.


If you wish to read about how our surfing skills improved or hear about some secret tips on the beautiful island of Bali: please stop reading!
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Ubud (aka Ubdu)

I could just as well end this article right here, you already got the full description.
But as I can never shut up, I will explain everything you should know about our Bali trip.

We landed on the island and drove with our private driver (yes we are very Swiss people) through the crowded streets of Denpassar in the direction of Ubud, the “spiritual” part of the island, located in the center-right of the island (and that’s it for my geography skills).

This part of the island looks very tropical, full of palm trees and rice fields. Perfect location to have a nice hotel with an infinity pool, looking over the large forests of Bali.

We took some time living a life we can’t afford with big buffet breakfast, cocktails, chilling at the pool, wine, 5stars food, more wine, room service… If someone tells you that money doesn’t make you happy: bullshit! Money does for sure make your life damn easy. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see what I mean 😉

Because we are such well-trained athletes coming from the Alps, we went for a night hike up the small volcano of Bali to see the sunrise, which was the most impressive thing I’ve ever experienced. Seeing the sun rising above the clouds while holding the hand of the person I like the most in this world… priceless!
Anyway, our way down was not as fun as our hike up, as then the sun was up and we could actually observe the steepness of the volcano! Imagine two high-feared chicks walking down a steep mountain tightly holding on to their guide…



After a few days of pure fanciness, we headed to the famous place called Canggu, making some unnecessary stops on our way. Our guide thought it would be a good idea for us to visit the most popular temple of the island but our adventure ended by a big sign saying “women with menstruation not allowed”. And me – as provocative as I am – challenged the security to tell ”that this is a joke” as my friend’s bloody vagina was for sure more clean and pure that most people in there. At this point, we were for sure not allowed to set foot in their holy house.

At some point that day, we checked into our new hotel and headed to the beach where we set foot in the sea for the first time since we landed. The sunset was breathtaking and we enjoyed a few drinks before heading to the famous Pretty Poison. Damn that place is sick! Good people, good vibe and on top of that: a big bowl in the middle of the place skated by talented locals and whoever wishes to join the madness.

Somewhere under Kuta

Because we need to have it all, we booked a sick ass villa that we shared with a bunch of other friends. This is when we really lost track of time: partying at Single Fin, Old Man’s and at the villa, surfing sessions, scooter riding, more drinking… saved by a lot of midnight noodle soups, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.

Scooter riding was one of my favorite parts, as long as I wasn’t the one who had to drive. In Bali it’s left side driving, which I couldn’t seem to remember for more than 5 minutes. Apparently, for some reasons I was the only one struggling with that factor.

Thanks to some of the guys who knew the island well, we got to experience some local places and restaurants, which could surprise us in every way.

Further more, we got invited by a local called Dennis to join him on a shooting at Nyanyi Beach, which is a sparkling black sand beach and it’s as crazy as it sounds! My bright bikini is now ruined, but the experience was unforgettable. After asking many people why this beach is black I still ignore the real reason but I like to think that is has to do with the volcano on the island (which is probably very wrong).

One of my favorite parts of the day was breakfast (when we were awake early enough to enjoy early meals). I could kill for a smoothie bowl, which is a fruit smoothie covered by granola and different fresh fruits. Every morning, I was a real pain in the ass, harassing everyone to move their asses to ride to the local restaurant, so I could get my satisfying portion of happiness.

Last but not least, I loved our last day (read: date) enjoying the sunset at Single Fin in Uluwatu before we headed to the airport. I never saw something like it: an infinite ocean, a pink sky reflecting on the dark water, surfers, beers… I would live that moment over and over again if I could.

Then the trip came to an end, we sadly said goodbye to the island of happiness and headed back to cold Europe.


Trip feedback

Two women hanging out with a bottle of wine in the middle of the day is considered as alcoholism in Indonesia (whaaaaaaaat?).

The sea might and actually will give you a urinal infection if you are not careful.

We were in line with KYGO at the airport. <3
The famous, hot, handsome, amazing, hot, beautiful, hot DJ had just performed and enjoyed the island before flying to some other insane destination and we were lucky to stand in line with him. Actually we didn’t have the balls to talk to him, but I like to think that we were lining together 😉

We’re now back to reality, which is not that bad if you have a job you enjoy and you’re surrounded by the people you love.


I’m personally excited about the winter now! So Laax, here we come!!!
Love, Nicki.

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Pictures: Nicki Antognini & Kimmy Grenacher
A special thanks to: our roommates in the villa.