Coming in hot – with Elena and Sina


Nothing fucks you harder than time.

Starting the season like…
I think this is my favorite time of the year to shred. Riding the slushy glacier in summer is the best feeling, I believe. First, the soft snow makes it easy to learn and dare new tricks. Then, after an intense morning of shredding, you still have the whole afternoon ahead of you for activities like hiking, skateboarding, chilling, working out and going bathing. And the best of al… summer shredding attracts only the most passionate ones. Meaning, you will find only your favorite homies on the slopes, who share the same love for their sport and the mountain lifestyle.

Glacier, how are you doing?
What hit me as a big surprise this season is the state of the glacier. How is this possible? In only two years, the glacier melted so much that you can see more dirt than nice and clear ice. This gave me such sad and concerned feeling. Also, the ice covering the top part of the cliff, decreased from at least half of the size I used to remember.
During the day, we saw countless blocks of ice falling down the mountain and crashing on the rocks. Is there something we can do about this? I no secret that global warming causes our glaciers to melt, but I couldn’t imagine it was happening at this pace.
I’m afraid that some day we will talk to our kids and grand children about back in the days, when we were riding on glaciers mid summer.

Them girls
Sina and Elena followed Reverse’s progression since day 1. Sina introduced me to the riding scene about 3 years ago and has been present for each step on the way. Working with these girls makes me so happy as we all grew together in the scene the last few years. Sina finalized her studies, Elena got world champion and I improved my filming/photography skills… Man, we evolved!
Just yesterday, we celebrated my B-Day and were laughing about our advanced age: Nothing fucks you harder than time!

Anyway, it is always a pleasure to meet those girls and share projects together. This time, we decided to reflect our creativity in a different clip to what we are used to.
We hope that you will like it as much as we do.


Words and pictures: Nicki Antognini
Filming and editing: Nicki Antognini
Location: Saas Fee, Switzerland
Thanks to: Sina and Elena