Wheels and Waves – Boys of summer


There is a new super dangerous, rule breaking, fearless, motorcycle club on the road:
“Fancy Fucks” MF MC

After packing and loading our bikes onto a trailer all day long, skate nerd Flo Geiger, motorcycle enthusiast Simon Alt and myself finally left the south of Germany, to drive all the way down to Biarritz, France. After a very long night with countless coffees, snacks and even more French highway toll stations, we arrived at a nice campground super close to the Atlantic coast. Professional snowboarder Benny Urban and Filmmaker Alex Pfeffer, who left a day earlier, showed us our nice but tiny bungalow, where we would stay for the next couple of days. After unloading our motorcycles, we went straight to the beach to chill out and then headed over to the local skatepark for a quick session. At the park, Basti Kuhn, founder of Foreal Project, joined the biker gang with his two-wheeler. He was the only real man, who drove his motorcycle all the way from Munich to Biarritz!

The boys woke up early the next morning, to check out the swell… which turned out to be shitty. So, we took the bikes and went over an amazing mountain pass, all the way to Spain, to watch the Wheels and Waves dirt track race. Unfortunately, no pictures, because I took the camera with a dead battery. Stupid me! The race was dope to watch – exciting vibe and heaps of impressive machines to discover – and afterwards we took the coast road through San Sebastian and Biarritz all the way back to our basecamp in Seignosse.

Thursday morning the weather was bad, so we spent the day chilling and had another skate session in the afternoon.

Friday morning, I got up with the guys to check the surf conditions, where we managed to take some cool and fun pictures. Then we left for Spain again to watch the drag race. As usual, we were super late and had to park our bikes 4 kilometers away from the start. Looooong walk, haha! Countless super cool custom motorcycles made the walk still kind of enjoyable though. The race was probably the highlight of the trip. Those guys and one girl, who was totally killing it and won the race where she almost got killed by sliding with the bike on the road, are absolutely insane! After the stroll down, we were sitting on the saddle again on our way to the festival. Basti and Simon got caught by a radar, which was well deserved! Arriving at the festival, there was a lot to see. A “Wheel of Death”, which we didn´t watch and a lot of booths that we passed, to find something to eat and a cold beers.

Benny and Alex where supposed to join us, but never showed up. Apparently, they sneaked into the festival and got stuck in the VIP area with free booze. What a shitty coincident. A bit later, they´d overcome their fear of the security guards and joined us at the party. Here’s where they told us about the dope camp spot they found for the night.

Party over! We took the bikes with Benny and Alex on the backs- to ride to the nearest golf range. The camping spot seemed pretty perfect, sleeping on the lawn, good night.
7 AM we woke up from the shower of the sprinkler… everything was fu***g wet. So we hung around for a bit, while slowly all the golf players arrived for their Saturday morning swing practice. A few took it with humor, while some others were totally disgusted, haha.
After breakfast in the restaurant of the golf course, we went to the beach, then to another dope skatepark and ended our day with an amazing last evening BBQ.

So, what is the conclusion of this trip?
First, time went by way to fast! Even though the surf sucked, all the surfers love to talk about the swell. There are no rules for motorcycle drivers in and around Biarritz for the time of the Wheels and Waves festival. Flo has gotten the nickname “Bronson”, people who have seen the movie, know what I´m talking about.

There is a new super dangerous, rule breaking, fearless, motorcycle club on the road:
“Fancy Fucks” MF MC

Au revoir, Sebi.

Pictures: Sebi Geiger & Benny Urban
Words: Sebi Geiger
Location: somewhere near Hossegor, France
Thanks to: The “Fancy Fucks” crew for sharing their stories