CPH Skate Open


CPH Skate Open was like: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 1

Started drinking at the airport at 8 am. This sets the vibe! We – Gaia Giacomazzi and myself – arrived in CPH in the morning, checked in our AirBnB and realized it was surrounded by some of the best skate spots of CPH! Lucky shot! Our first goal (besides going for another drink) was to find a bicycle so we would feel like we were locals. After a little shopping sesh, we headed to the spot that the CPHSkateOpen Instagram account indicated and got impressed by the packed park we found. Trust me when I tell you there was no chance to see people skating because of the huge crowd. Anyways, we bumped into some friends, shared some more beers and then followed that insane parade to the next skate spot. You couldn’t imagine how 500 skaters and bicycles riding around the streets looks like: we were owning the city! After two other crazy spots, the party started under heavy rain and countless drinks. Good times followed by a good night of sleep. The day after was booked for one thing and one thing only: Girls Are Awesome!

It was not the first time that I was at the GAA and Bitchslap mag office, and yet, I was once again amazed by the style and vibe. I arrived at 11:30, still hung-over, and was offered beer and shots. As every Friday, the office offered their co-workers their national Smorrebrod for lunch, which are basically little apero (description coming from an Italian person) as delicious as food can get. This place is magical in many ways… first it looks cool, then it is cool and only cool people hang out there (and I was one of them) 😉
While I was there, Nick Bridge, who’s generosity is alarming, offered the girls and me many goodies, which I’m very proud to wear. Also, the GAA vibe has an art to attract awesome people. I ran into some interesting personalities like Kaz – who’s the manager at Monster energy – I had a great chat with Hannah Bailey (who became a really good friend) and shoot a few pictures with the legendary Nora Vasconcellos.

Today is my last full day in CPH and I can promise I will make the best out of it! Starting my day with a great breakfast, together with Gaia. After, we headed to the first street spot, which was located right next to the river. This time, the sun is shining, the beer is flowing and I have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Food, drinks, skate, food, drinks, skate… until it’s time to head to the big final contest in the main skate hall of CPH! Although the park is massive, it was really hard to get a good spot to see the contest. Gaia and I, first in line enjoyed every bit of the show and then of the party where I forgot my name after beers and champaign (although I remember dancing on tables…)

Sunday, hangover, good memories (not many from Saturday night) and sad to go home. Went to the airport at 2pm and arrived home at 1am on Monday. Fucking Air Berlin! At least I got to sober up while waiting for all my flights and lost luggage.

In brief, CPH Skate Open was like: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pictures: Nicki Antognini
Words: Nicki Antognini
Location: Copenhagen, Danmark
Thanks to: Copenhagen Skate Open and Girls Are Awesome