SURFinn Vieux Boucau, a true paradise for surfers


A great break right in front of the house, a swimming pool and a miniramp in the garden, different types of rooms that perfectly suit your travelling habits. A holiday at SURFinn is a true dream for any surfer!

Welcome to Vieux-Boucau-Les-Bains, a charming village in the South-West of France, located just a stone-throw away from Europe’s surfing Mecca, Hossegor. Here’s where you’ll find SURFinn, an all new and super cosy Bed & Breakfast, situated along the dunes at the Northern beach.

At a walking distance of just 5 minutes from the villa, you’ll be at one of the many breaks this widespread coastline has to offer. It’s a solid A-Frame that works best with mid-tide. So no matter whether you prefer lefties or right-hander waves, this break will fulfill any surfer’s need. Compared to most breaks in this region, the beach of Vieux-Boucau is rather forgiving and a bit more mellow. Basically, this means that experienced surfers, as well as absolute rookies will both find a wave to ride here. With lower tides, the wave tends to get fast and pretty hollow. Perfect for an intense shore-break session!

The house and its features

Except for its location at this top-notch spot, the B&B has a lot more to offer… Did we already mention the house has a pool in the garden?! It’s perfect for a refreshing plunge while working on your tan on the terrace. The owners really thought of everything to make a true surfer feel at home. Whenever the ocean isn’t providing any good waves, you can always practice your top-turns and carves in the miniramp. How sick is that? And if all of this didn’t get you tired yet, you can battle your friends in a game of table-tennis or play a game of minigolf on the 2-holes range in the front yard!


Types of accommodation

The house is very family friendly, but also provides a lower budget option for single travellers. All types of travellers will find an accommodation suiting their own budget and personal needs. The family room for instance is a 4-person bedroom with a separate bathroom. For those who travel all by themselves, the most economical option would be to book a bed in the 6-person dorm. Its cocoon-like bunk beds are super cozy yet private and are all provided with a plug to charge your personal electronics.

What to do?

Besides surfing, the region of “Les Landes” offers quite some activities. It’s for known for its widely stretched forests and numerous lakes. A great environment to go on an adventurous hike if you ask us! Also for those who are more into cycling, this area has some very nice bike trails that connect Vieux Boucau with different surrounding towns and surfspots. If you’re into shopping, you’ll definitely find your take in the center of Hossegor, or you could try and score some deals in the outlet shops in Soorts.
Around the lake of Vieux Boucau, you’ll have plenty of things to do, such as renting a Stand-Up-Paddle board, or a pedal boat. By the way, did we already mention that the local skatepark is just down the road at less than 5 minutes from the house? And this is just one of the many parks in the area! Skaters will definitely find their take here!

Wanna know more?

After reading this article, you’re probably wondering how and where to book a holiday at this awesome place, right
For more info on the house, the prices and availability, head over to

Keep in mind that all the prices mentioned are on a weekly basis and include breakfast as well as free use of the surfing material! They offer a wide range of different boards, including soft-tops, longboards as well as shortboards, free of charge!

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Pictures: provided by the SURFinn family
Words: Dries Meesschaert
Location: Vieux Boucau, France
Thanks to: Dries and Kelly for being such amazing hosts.