One last Ride for the season


From the ocean, to the mountains, through the desert.

What better way to end your season then with a trip to Cali?
I guess we are not the only ones who had that brilliant idea. A little hint to all the people who haven’t been there yet: guys save up on alcohol and get your asses up here!

I started the trip with a team of stoners that I miss already. The journey began at the airport of Munich, where we started with a few beers, which were followed by a few more beers on the first flight and some more on the second… until we landed in the hot and gorgeous city of LA.
DAAAAYM, did you guys ever see a sunset in Los Angeles? A show worth taking out your iPhones for Instagram stories.

The first few days, we were driving around the city, discovering Beverly Hills, Downtown LA, Long Beach and Venice. Hard to say which part was the best. Just enjoying the big city life, being stuck in traffic and using the car for every 10 meters.

After enjoying a few warm days and some serious sunburn, the time came to head up to Mammoth Mountains. From the hot and dry desert, into the stormy, cold and wintery mountains in just 2h!
We packed our backpacks with beers and Coke cans and were ready to start our second part of the adventure in the Mammoth ski resort.

Hahahaha I have to start this paragraph with a laugh! Jerry alert all over the place! It is a real entertainment in the US… There are no real limits on what to wear or how to act up on the mountains, which made our days even better then they already were.

When it comes to riding, only one word is needed to describe the vibe: RAD! Mammoth has nothing like we know in Europe: big or small pipes, so many parks with different levels where everyone finds features and obstacles they can enjoy. Similar to the way in Laax, the park is redesigned every night with new rails, hips and kickers. Even with my ridiculous level of riding, I was satisfied and managed to improve.

We got to fool around for a few days in our new favorite playground. On April 20th, we gathered in the car to drive back to LA for the 420 concerts hosting artists as Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill and many other surprise guests.

Stacked of weed and heaps of crazy memories, we headed back “home” overnight so we wouldn’t miss out on any extra shred days.

The second part of our stay in Mammoth was just as memorable as the first. We visited the hot springs, ate burgers, taco’s, chicken wings, fries, more burgers, fries, tacos… OK, well we might not have seen any bears, but who cares?
We embraced the real US lifestyle until we went too far and ended up in a Republican bar.

Anyways, we packed our trip with a few last days in Los Damn Cool Angeles, where we enjoyed some shopping. On our last day, Sebi and I rented a Harley to cruise up to Malibu and around the national park. To be honest that might have been one of the most amazing days of my life…

Now here we are, back in cold Europe where we can shred pow again, in May. It’s time to get back to work!
We came back with a lot of great memories from a perfect season ender.

I would like to thank my little crew of skiers, I had a great time up there guys!
And a final special thanks to Ride Snowboards for supporting Reverse all winter long.

California, you will be missed and we will meet again.

Pictures & words: Nicki Antognini
Location: California
Thanks to: the small team traveling though deserts and mountains.
Special thanks to: Ride Snowboards for supporting Reverse though the whole winter