Olivier Maes is back at it after being snow-bored!


Olivier found his passion for snowboarding back in the mountains after he lost it in the indoor dome.

It’s always a pleasure to shred with our colleagues from Holland. Once a year we get together with some up-north dome riders to ride down our snowy mountains.


Little chat with Olivier Maes

Olivier, you come from Holland, a country where winter sports are not as casual as here in the Swiss Alps. At what age did you get introduced to snowboarding and how did this happen?
I started snowboarding when I was nine years old. My parents had signed me up for a snowboard camp. I went there until age fourteen and after that I went to the indoor dome in Terneuzen.

So you ride the indoor dome a lot back home… How often do you ride on average?
It depends, usually I would go there three times a week, but the park maintenance isn’t that good in the indoor dome. That´s why I only go twice a week lately.

We heard you took a break from snowboarding and just picked it up again about 3 months ago. Why did you stop riding and what got you to get back on your board?
I was bored I guess, it was all the same. It stayed unchanged and I wanted something new. I was too young to go to the mountains with my friends and that’s probably the reason why I just stopped. I kept watching snowboard videos, so that’s when I saw and realized that the skills of other snowboarders are at a much higher level. That gave me a lot of motivation and that’s why I took the dust off my board a few months ago.

Do you prefer riding in your local indoor dome, or would you rather shred the mountains?
It’s chill to shred in an indoor dome, but I prefer the mountains at the moment, because of the bad maintenance of the indoor park.

You seemed super excited to come ride with us here in Laax. What exactly do you like so much about this place?
P60 for sure, not a lot of words needed! That is the reason why I like to ride in Laax.

Your jibbing skills are impressive, there’s no doubt about that. But do you also ride powder from time to time? In other words, would you hit the park after a knee-deep dump, or rather explore what else the mountain has got to offer?
Thank you, and yes I ride powder from time to time. I would absolutely hit the park after a knee-deep dump, but that’s it. I have no need for exploring what else the mountains can offer me. I am more excited about what a new park can offer me.


Thanks a lot for your time Olivier! We hope you never get snow-bored again and are looking forward to shred with you again!

Pictures: Nicki Antognini
Words: Dries Meesschaert
Location: Laax, Switzerland
Thanks to: Laax for supporting our team