Kronplatz Air – made in South Tirol


A contest where freeskiing and snowboarding shred in teams.

Made in South Tirol

On Friday morning Nicki and I packed our bags once again. This time we’re heading over to South Tirol, where Lukas Schaefer organised a big air contest. As we were driving down the famous Brenner road, snow became a very scarce thing. Everything was green and we were wondering how it’s even possible to build a big air jump in these kind of conditions.

As we arrived at the Kronplatz ski area, it didn´t look any better… except for that HUUUGE pile of snow they pushed together to build an insane big air jump. It was very different to most jumps. Two take-offs and a round landing made it a completely new experience, as the shape of the obstacle created so many opportunities to hit that jump.

Slowly all the skiers and snowboarders started arriving on the scene. The feast started with an easy training, followed by a cash for tricks session under the lights. The crowd was super stoked and they started a huge party while the riders were still hitting this beast jump. As the first session done was done, it was time to hit the party…

The next morning was super chill, which allowed us to go up the mountain to do some easy park riding. After that, we met up with the guys, who had a bit of a bigger hangover, at the pizzeria, close to the jump. After some delicious Italian dishes, everyone regained some energy and we were all getting hyped for the team-contest which was planned that evening. Eight teams, each composed of one skier and one snowboarder, battled against each other, whilst trying to do similar tricks.

After this fun contest, it was party time again and on the period of Sunday, everyone headed back home to their country!


Ciao ragazzi, saluti Sebi.

Pictures: Nicki Antognini
Words: Sebi Geiger
Location: Kronplatz, South Tirol, Italy
Thanks to: Lukas Schaefer for organising