New Year Resolution with RIDE Snowboards and K2

Reverse wishes you all a great new year, plenty of snow and good vibes...

Finally it’s that time of the year where you can leave all of the past year’s happenings behind and have a fresh start. It’s time to start using those Nutribullets your mom gave you for Christmas, to start going to the gym, eat healthier, drink less and quit smoking… You know, all those things we are so motivated to do as soon the new year arrives. But let’s face it, pretty much no one will actually transform those good thoughts in facts, at least not for the „less party“ resolutions. The thought of doing something better than the year before is a sweet thought that accompanies us until New Year’s Eve, but suddenly disappears with the hangover on the first of January. The hope for a better year still remains, we wish it will snow more, the weather will be better and so on…We asked some friends at RIDE and K2 what their new year resolutions are. Now lets keep an eye on them, to check if they really make the best out of it!

Gaia Giacomazzi

I definitely should use my Nutribullet more often! I stopped saying that my New Year’s resolution would be going to the Gym a few years ago. That just never worked out very well! What I really wish I would do more this year is traveling, invest my money in traveling around, go on adventures and experience new things! Oh and of course ride more powder! There’s so much more than just P60 in Laax.

Kai Mahler

I just try to stay healthy and have as much fun as possible!

Nicki Antognini

First off, I should start working from a proper desk and stop spending hours with a crooked back while using the computer on the bed. It seems cosy, but it fucks your back.
Then, I need to learn to chill out more. The world isn’t against me and I should take things less seriously. Otherwise, keep on going with the good work and have fun!

Silvan Jäger

I’m trying to collect precious moments, being courageous and thankful for the joy of life and stop being late all the time.

Dries Meesschaert

Tackle new challenges that came on my path during the past year. The future looks bright as far as I can see now! My girlfriend and I got the chance to run a Bed & Breakfast at the French coast next summer, so we’re very excited about our new adventure. I’m sure you’ll find more about these plans on Reverse as soon as it all kicks off! We’ll stay in touch. And of course, ride as much as possible, ‘cause it brings me joy! No matter whether it’s on my skateboard, on snow or in the ocean. Boards make me smile!

Tobi Müller

My new years resolution is quite a boring one. I’ll try not be late so often and continue having as much fun as possible.
Also, I have a new top priority, which is to learn how to cook some damn good sushi.

Carlos Gerber

I’ll just continue enjoying my life. Whether it’s snowboarding, surfing, partying or playing guitar. I want to keep doing all these things I love and also spend time with my friends and my lovely girlfriend. Maybe it’s also time to start my professional snowboarding career for real hahaha! No, but seriously, I have so many things in my mind! I’m lucky to be healthy and fit and I want to enjoy this as much as possible!

Pictures: Nicki Antognini, Priska Von Allmen & Kelly Todde
Words: Gaia Giacomazzi
Location: Laax, Davos and Stubai
Thanks to: K2 and Ride Snowboads