Riding Rhythms — A Ski Concert Premiere


Riding Rhythms: A rock concert or a ski-movie premiere? How about both?

A very big crowd gathered this weekend at Illanz, a quiet little town close to the ski resort Laax. Marco Tribelhorn, a local skier, decided two years ago to work on a very extraordinary movie project like nothing we’ve seen so far in any sport we keep close tabs on. This was top secret of course. You can call me Snow(den) because I will tell you all about it, before anyone else does.

The movie is called “Riding Rhythms”. The concept is totally awesome—combine two rad events into a single project. In this case, it’s a ski movie premiere and a rock concert at the same time.

The premiere took place in a very nice little bar/cinema called Sil Plaz. While the crowd had some drinks and watched the movie, a live band played, hidden behind the screen. The soundtrack was performed by the band Electric Sun, with no breaks during the entire movie. Live music in the background created an amazing atmosphere—the movie totally came to life. It was a really special experience.

I met the man behind the idea, Marco Tribelhorn, for a little talk after his first premiere.


Interview with the genius, Marco

Hey Tribi. How happy are you with your first premiere?
Hey, I am super happy how everything went down tonight. The guys from Elecric Sun did an awesome job. The sound was on point, as usual.

It really makes me wonder how the idea with the live performance came about. Was that planned from the beginning?
Yeah, creating a customised soundtrack was an idea we had from the beginning. A few weeks into the process, a friend suggested we even do a live performance. And there you go!

Is there something you are really proud of?
I think that I’m proud we are all still friends. It might sound silly, but when friends work on a two-year ski-movie project without getting paid— the process brings a lot of discussions and confrontations with it.
I want to give a little shout-out to Simon, Timo, Emi, and Georg. I am still blown away by the performance you gave at the Premier. Thank you.

What do you think? Can we count on a second movie?
Honestly, I haven’t thought about a continuation and I am not sure if I have the energy to do that again. Let’s see how much attention we can get with this project and then we will see.

Maybe this could be the future of movie-premieres in board sports. Think about it. You could reach so many more people by combining visual attractions with awesome live music.
Suddenly, little rock-star kiddies start to think, “hmm, the skiing movie they showed during the concert was actually pretty sick, maybe i should try that out next winter.”

Riding Rhythms just started their tour in Switzerland. Check them out if these guys come close to your hometown. This movie/concert is totally worth watching. Doesn’t matter if you are more into metal or more the kicker kind of guy.

Photos: Malte Vogt
Words: Alex Benz
Location: Sil Plaz, Illanz, Switzerland
Thanks for hosting: Marco Tribelhorn