Enlain meets Cornish water


Hell yeah! The journey is the destination.

Our Story

Building your own surfboard out of wood is definitely a unique and stunning experience, but to ride it for the first time is even more exciting. After working on a surfboard during the summer, this is about the only thing you want to do.

It’s a classic surf story — we were a bunch of friends who decided to go on a surf trip to Cornwall, England, with our new wooden surfboards from Enlain. In September, just before the surfing season ended, we took a chance and left the Laax mountains.

A few of us flew, but two others and I took on a 20-hour drive in an old van, fully packed with surfboards and gear. You probably all know how a long drive feels, especially with three grown, smelly men, a bunch of shitty food, and beers. Hell yeah! The journey is the destination.

When we arrived at Harlyn Bay, Cornwall, a fully stocked and beautiful beach house was waiting for us. After a classic English dinner, we called it a day, went to sleep, and dreamed of offshore winds and perfectly shaped four-foot waves.

The next morning our dreams came true. During our morning surf check at the local beach, with Cornish instant coffee in our hands, we watched a decent set rolling in.

With the sun shining and good conditions, we grabbed our boards and made a break for it. And let me tell you, English waters ain’t as bad as as you might think. We had a lovely 16°C water temperature, a slight breeze and, depending on the time of the season, not a single person around.

As I was walking down the road to the beach, I couldn’t wait to jump in the water. Holding my wooden 6.6 ft board under my arms put a big-ass smile on my face. Surfing a wooden board that you built on your own, is mostly about just being out there in the line up and feeling the board underneath your feet.

After a week of nonstop waves, everyone was stoked to have caught their first waves with the new boards. The dates are already set for next season.


Big thanks to Ben and his family, the crew, and Enlain!

Pictures: Malte Vogt
Words: Malte Vogt
Location: Harlyn Bay, Cornwall