Tanja Angst – The girl behind Chixxs On Board


This experience has changed her whole lifestyle.

Tanja, the girl from Chixxs On Board

You might know her as The-Girl-from-ChixxsOnBoard. Her name is Tanja, a 24-year-old chick living in Zurich and managing her life between her hairdressing job and her passion for boardsports.

Tanja was 10 when she got introduced to snowboarding by her cousins, who took her often to the mountains and taught her also how to skate. Since the age of 14 she’s been up there, shredding, almost every weekend of the season. At that time Tanja was doing her hairdressing apprenticeship which took a lot of her time. You must know that Tanja is not a girl who does things halfway; she gives her all in everything she does. Therefore, she worked hard to become a great hairdresser and have good results. At the age of 18 she was done with her studies and was sick of all that girly atmosphere, so she left to spend 6 months in Whistler, Canada. This was the turning point between just liking snowboarding and living out her passion. « In Whistler you get to know the way to live on this boardsports scene: snowboarding every day, heli-skiing, parties… After those 6 months there, when I got back to Switzerland, I just wanted to find the money to go back. » explains Tanja. Stuck in Switzerland, she worked in the Sk8 shop in Zurich for 2 years. At the beginning she was doing it just to earn enough money to go back to Canada but then she met her current boyfriend, who became the love of her life. This changed her plans and she realized that there is an interesting boardsports lifestyle here in Switzerland as well. While working in the skate shop she got really into the scene by getting to know the brands, the athletes, the equipment and also the big challenges that this industry is confronted with.

Chixxs On Board happened in 2012 when Tanja quit her job and went to the Lake Tahoe in California for 6 months. « It was a full snowboarding trip and we had the whole package: a pickup, a ski-doo for backcountry experiences and we even had our own small chalet in the middle of the woods. There was no one, just the trees and us. » says Tanja. This is when she started writing on the platform she had built with two of her friends. She wanted to write just for girls, because a website supporting the girls, not mainly geared to the guys, is missing on the scene. She wanted to create something pushing the girls to pursue their passion, a platform where these girls could feel comfortable. « So I was writing my blog and I was always wondering: where are the girls out there? » she says. When she came back home, she organized her first longboard girls get-together. She was pretty nervous but finally 28 girls showed up, which made her realize the importance of her Chixxs On Board. It was not a small platform anymore, it became a community. The challenges of this Chixxs movement at first had to do with gaining the support of the men on the scene and having them take the community seriously. Then the hard part was to find good content to post and to write about and to get the support of brands.

This experience has changed her whole lifestyle. Tanja is not only writing but is part of this boardsport scene which takes a lot of her time. « It is really exciting because you get invited to events and get opportunities that you have always dreamed of. » explains Tanja. « And my goal is now to bring the community to its highest level and earn enough with it to be able to live from it in order to dedicate all of my time to it. »

The blonde girl from Chixxs On Board has both beauty and passion, honesty believes in the power of girls getting together and pushes them to not be afraid and to never think they can’t do something.


Thank you, Tanja, and all the best with Chixxs On Board.
Nicole Antognini

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Thanks to: Tanja Angst and her Chixxs On Board project
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